How to Travel Part 2

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by Snowmobile in Lapland

by Camel in Oman

by "Peak" Train in Hongkong

by Zeppelin in Holland

by Zeppelin in Holland

by Zeppelin in Holland

by Safari-bus in Kenya

by Elephant in Thailand

by Tram in Hongkong

by Tram in Hongkong

by Plane (Cockpit MD-11)

by Bus in Nicaragua

by 4WD in Oman

by Train in India

by Train in India

by Train in India

by "Backtrack" to Guyana

by Taxi in Guyana

by Boat in Suriname

by Train in Norway

by Corvette in Canada

by Ferry in Kenya

by Motor in Greece

by Subway in Athens

by Quad in Greece

by 4WD in Gambia

by Glider in Holland

by Hot Dog Wagon in Toronto

by Glider

by Cable-Car in San Francisco

by Taxi in New York

by Lawn Machine

by Train in Sakhalin Russia

by Bike in Holland

by Schoolbus in USA

by "Maid of the Mist" at Niagara

by Subway in Tokyo

by Boat in Gambia

by Train in Thailand

by Russian Tupolev

by Balloon in The Netherlands

by Tuk-Tuk in Thailand

by Car in Miami

by Boeing 747

by Boeing 747

by Boeing 747

by Boeing 747

by Train in Russia / Moscow

by Old-Timer in Utah - USA

by Cruise-boat at the Mediterranean

by Old-Timer in Cuba

by Jetski in Canada

by 4WD in Suriname

by Carriage in Amish-country

by Boat in French Guiana (Papillon)

by Dolphin in Cuba

by Boat in Scandinavia

by Police Car in Salt Lake City

by Train in Suriname

by Finnair in Finland

by Helicopter in Holland

by Hummer in Sweden

by Motor in Hollywood (Terminator)

by Tram in Stockholm

by Taxi in London

by Boat in Brunei-Malaysia

by Orient-Express in Turkey

by 4WD & Camper in the USA

by Bus in Malta

by Monorail at Palm Island Dubai

by ADAC in Germany

by Boat in Croatia

by Car in Canada (12 people in 1 car)

by small Plane to Sweden

by Golfcar in Dubai

by Moped from Holland to Greece

by Space-Shuttle in the Future...?

by Funeral car...

and more Pictures ...

How to Travel

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